The Open Eyes Economy think tank is engaged in research, educational, and publishing initiatives in the field of the economy of value. The projects pursued by OEES HUB aim to deepen and promote knowledge about various aspects of the economy of value, as well as disseminate solutions based on it in public actions and debate.

Fields of activity

Regenerative city

High-skilled society

Water economy as growth challenge

Food industry and Green Deal

Economic credibility of state

Economy and health

Solidarity in growth

Upcoming events

International Congress Energy Regeneration of Cities

Solidarity in growth

International Congress „Economy of a Water City”

Open Eyes Economy Summit




The GAP Foundation consists of competent, open, and dynamic individuals, whose strength comes from the combination of reliability, experience, youth, and energy. Our team closely collaborates with the academic staff of the University of Economics in Krakow, primarily with the College of Economy and Public Administration and the Małopolska School of Public Administration, as well as with numerous other higher education institutions, expert communities, governmental and local government institutions. Thanks to this, the GAP Foundation possesses a vast pool of expertise and the capability to initiate projects in various areas.


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